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We are committed to providing quality Information Technology and Phone Solution services to clients in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Our technology services are provided on what can compare to a retainer basis, allowing us to provide support to our clients that fits well into a budget while providing the level of technical support akin to a larger enterprise.

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Information Technology Support

We deploy services one can be proud of, to help protect your environment. Solutions like Bitdefender for Antivirus, web filtering to malicious websites from accidentily being launched, a firewall and networking that receives regular updates to ensure it isn't a viable attack vector for curious eyes.

Phone Solutions

Familiar with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? The concept is simple, provide phones that ring over your internet provider. Often times this saves money on your active phone bill, while providing robust features such as a prompt system, inter-office conferencing, unique hold music, and more. To find out if this solution is perfect for you, feel free to contact us.

Areas we serve

As a quality Information Technology and Phone Solution provider, we have the pleasure of serving clients in the following cities and states.

Ottawa, Kansas

(Being served)

Liberty, Missouri

(Being served)

Kearney, Missouri

(Being served)

Gering, Nebraska

(Being served)

Smithville, Missouri

(Interested in)

Kansas City, Kansas

(Interested in)

Kansas City, Missouri

(Interested in)

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