Why Does Russia Get Credit For A Lot of Hacks?

Why Does Russia Get Credit For A Lot of Hacks?

Why Russia is Attributed With Most Hack Attacks

Since the direct answer is so easy, perhaps we start with that: It's a job for some of them.

From there let's move into a hypothetical: what prevents drug dealing from being a respectable job in most countries? Never mind any sort of moral dilemmas the simplest answer here is government control and regulations banning it. If however government control and regulations allowed for export but no local dealing, then said country is likely to become the number one export of illegal substances.

Russia turns a blind eye to hack attacks committed outside of Russia even if Russian citizens are responsible. This leads to about three rules commonly used among Russian hackers:

1) Don't hack other Russian's

One of the typical ways Russian hackers avoid doing the time for their crimes is to avoid hacking other Russians and Russian entities. Not all follow this rule though, in the below video we get to see a set of brothers believed to be responsible for for malware that stole banking credentials from other Russians.

2) When the government comes knocking, you answer

When you're associated with cybercrimes on a global scale, a government trying to save face could easily put you in prison. If however you were to provide services that you're clearly renown for perhaps the government can turn a blind eye once more. 

3) Watch where you vacation

The last rule is something more of a joke as Russian hackers have been known to foolishly vacation out of country; specifically a country that may be turning a blind eye to a hacker's crimes and granting them asylum. This is typically when another country catches them and extradites them for their crimes.